Looking for information on this "Howlin'Wolf" guitar case------------
Hennie Jansen The Netherlands



I am trying to find more information about this "Howlin' Wolf Mississippi Delta Blues " guitar case

When I bought the guitar case in 2002 in Holland, containing a black vintage Japanese guitar together with a Marshall amplifier, I stored the case in my garage and kept the guitar and amp in my home. I bought the set from a young lad, who stopped trying to learn playing guitar. He got it from an uncle.

The rest is about the guitar case.(not the guitar and amplifier)

I found the guitar case back some years ago, saw the text on it and started to read about Chester Burnett (Howlin' Wolf), to listen to his music and I am very impressed. I hope now (with your help) to find more information on this "Howlin' Wolf Delta Blues guitar case"

Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards had a similar "Mississippi Delta Blues guitar case" with his name, his nickname and text "Mississippi Delta Blues" on it. ( White Windows)

- Are there more guitar cases like these and maybe other pictures of the guitar cases ?

- How and when did his case come to Europe / Holland / The Netherlands/Amsterdam ?
( American Folk Blues Festival Europe in the sixties? London 1974?)

Howlin Wolf


Howlin Wolf Smokestack Lightning Live 1964
[Full Album] [The Best Of Blues Music]
Chester "Howlin'Wolf" Burnett goes electronic


Howlin' Wolf (1910-1976) Legendarische blueszanger - Inspireerde onder meer Beatles, Stones en Clapton

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Smokestack Lightnin   Killing Floor Evil (Is Going On) David "Honeyboy" Edwards - How Long
  Spoonful   I Asked For Water Don't Laugh At Me Meet Me In The Bottom
  Back Door Man   Howlin' For My Darling How Many More Years Highway 49
- Goin' Down Slow   Down In The Bottom I ain't superstitous Tell Me What I've Done

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