Hi - I am trying to find more information about my "Howlin' Wolf" guitar case -


Looking for information on this "Howlin'Wolf" guitar case------------
Hennie Jansen The Netherlands



This old guitar case was hidden in my garage wih other old gear for many years.

When I bought the guitar case in 2002 in Holland containing a vintage guitar , I stored the case in the garage and kept the guitar in my home.

Since I found the guitar case back some weeks ago, saw the name "Howlin' Wolf" and started to read about Chester Burnett (Howlin Wolf), I hope (with your help) to find more information on this "Howlin' Wolf" Delta Blues guitar case"

Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards had a similar "Mississippi Delta Blues guitar case" with his name on it. ( White Windows)

- Are there more guitar cases like these two and maybe other pictures of the guitar cases ?

- How and when did his case come to Europe / Holland / The Netherlands/Amsterdam ?

- Where are the guitar and case of Honeyboy now?

- I also would like to find out in what period (50-60-70's?) some of the Delta Blues legends used those personalised guitar cases and what the occasion was to use them etc.
(project, tour, film, promotion, street performances, name recognition, travelling to Europe/Amsterdam ?)

Howlin Wolf

(June 28, 1915 – August 29, 2011)
Howlin Wolf Smokestack Lightning Live 1964
Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards
[Full Album] [The Best Of Blues Music]
Chester "Howlin'Wolf" Burnett goes electronic

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